Vinay Menon-  Perusing MBA at Thakur Institute of Management Studies & Research , Mumbai

Most of the major actions in today’s world take place due to religion, may they be positive or negative no one can deny the importance or the very existence of religion in today’s world. Everybody has a million views when it comes to religion. From the hardcore ultras to the atheist, everyone has their say in this matter. The world is covered mainly under 4 big religions that is Christianity, Muslims, Hindu’s n Buddhists and then there are other small religions and the rest are antireligious people. Every religion has its own set of beliefs and ideologies and this is where all the difference is created. With god being separated in all of them in their own unique way there is no central belief in god anymore, people see god in their own and not necessarily in the others. There is a major difference in practices, rituals, traditions and in simple words the whole way of living. Everyone has history and stories of certain and uncertain events to back up the beliefs of their own religion. Religion has become so important that you might or might not get to see a country just because of the religion you belong to.

Religions were established ages back, some so back in time that we don’t have any records but are still believed. Everyone had a common belief of god, a greater power and the need to worship that. With just this is mind the world would have been a different place today. But differences started to rise when smaller aspects came under consideration. Every religion has lot of material, history, virtues and their own explanation to every action of ours and how to go about your living, in short every religion is very opinioned about what you should do and what you shouldn’t. All these factors are still tolerable and we can keep harmony having these but for some time now there’s a different reason which is causing many problems. The word to best describe it is “GREED”. The ultras in every religion want people to join their cult and let their religion be the dominant one. The war between Islam and Christianity is something everyone is aware about in today’s world. Their greed to gain dominance has destroyed a lot in the last few decades. But this is on a very large platform, even in small parts of the world many hideous acts take place due to religion. Secular countries like our own see people converting everyday for reasons like money, threats, love and many more. Acts like brain-washing, bribing n other malicious events take place in many countries in the name of religion. So many acts take place in the name of religion in today’s world. It brings a question to our mind that “was this the reason why religion was mad? “Is this what god wants to see?”

Today’s world is much different from some decades back. The effect of globalization is seen in every activity we do. The world is a smaller place and there is connectivity everywhere. People of different caste’s, religion, color, ethnicity, language communicate with each other and live in harmony. Need for harmony is utmost to contain this kind of living. We face problems such as racism, stereotyping etc and these are expected with this kind of diversity. Many are dealing with these problems and perhaps religion is not given the same importance all the time. There are still so many religious barriers that are stopping further growth. The division of countries on the basis of religion has made it very difficult for some to even travel or keep relations. Far-east nations are muslim dominated and they want everyone living there to be of the same which is not fair to the other people. United States of America is a Christian dominated country and are not too much in favor of other religions. These inequalities and bias acts have led to terrorism and its brutal acts. People are willing to kill each other out of hate for the other persons religion. India being a secular country could be a great example for the whole world today. We let everyone live in peace in this country of ours and all major religious differences are dealt with in the country. Being secular is a very important step when it comes to achieving religious harmony. When one respects the other persons religions, color and background and lives with everyone in peace that’s when we will achieve real harmony.