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Religious Harmony Centers

In order to spread the Religious Harmony in the nook and corner of the world, Religious Harmony Foundation has decided to form Religious Harmony centers across the world. Religious Harmony centers are being formed at international, national, state, district and corporate levels. These centers receive full support, guidance and financial help from the Religious Harmony Foundation. The Religious Harmony centers will carry out the following functions:

1- To act as a center for spreading religious harmony in their locality.
2- To facilitate exchange of ideas and views on creating religious harmony in the society.
3- To act as single place where people of various religions, faiths and believes can meet and interact.
4-To organize various events for spreading religious harmony.

Those willing to set up Religious Harmony Centers in their locality , please contact us and Religious
Harmony Foundation will extend all possible support to set up these centers which will act as the pillars of Religious Harmony.

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