Name- Pratik S. Awasare
Qualification –B.Sc., pursuing MBA at AMSIMR – Aruna Manharlal Shah Institute Of Management and Research, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai , INDIA


I respect Islam, I am proud of Hinduism, I love Christianity, a nice quote said by brilliant warrior of rajputana that is raja jaisingh. This shows the equality, proud & honor, respect, brotherhood of Hindu warrior for every religion of India. This is the land which allows many religions to nurture, flourish under strong majority of Hindu population. The strong idle of India, Chatrapati shivaji who welded together entire Hindu race, mark a strong concern over equality of religion.the historian of aurangjeb wrote “the prince under whose regime his soldiers were not allowed to harm any, mosque”. This shows strong respect of raje chatrapati shivaji towards strongly growing Islam.

From history regime many foreign rulers invaded so called the golden sparrow i.e india.this is the land where mohammad ghuri destroyed famous somnath temple to loot abundance of wealth in temple.the first European invader to india that is alexander who was attracted towards fame of golden sparrow.mangolians like changez khan also invaded this land is the place which have committed & seen many atrocities over a conflict of religious dispute but this is also the land where fastest growing religion in the world that is budhism born,flourish & propogated to various parts of the world. This is the land which allowed one of the best preaching religion in the world Jainism to spread across various sections of societies. This is the land which motivated the teaching of Islam.

When there was so much conflict occurred in Sindh region of Pakistan.india is the only country which allowed sindhis to become a part of india as a citizen.when zorastrian that is parsis were thrown out of Persia,they were given assistance to seek asylum in india.this shows love,affection respect,government empowerment to for varios religions in india.the government of india under flagship program pruposed many schemes to empower ,nurture various religions in india.the special reservation to jain,zorashtrian,budhist,muslims etc in education,government jobs,politics shows a kind of strong emotional bonding towards every religion.they were having a status of minority in india but now they are progressing.when nindia got independence there were 2 percent muslin in india & 2 percent Hindus in Pakistan. After partition, now in today’s scenario the population of Muslims have grown & empower massively in India, but in Pakistan the population of Hindus its not even 0.2 percent. This shows India’s nondiscrimination, respect, preserving values, morals of muslin religion. It’s a rule of mankind you cannot have a complete a peace of graveyard but you can have a minimum conflict. This is the place where aspiration of every religion is allowed to flourish so that they don’t get erased from the history of India. This, India have achieved by introducing more democracy at grassroots level to empower every religions by work ethic of equality.

“It’s very easy to break a single delicate leaf of tree, but it’s much tougher to destroy entire tree”. When 26/11 a major terrorist attack happened in India, the Indian Muslims don’t allow funereal of muslin terrorist on Indian land. When serial bomb blast happened in many trains in Mumbai that is (7/11), by forgetting religious disputes Indian stand as a symbol of unity to help the wounded victims of blast who were belonging from various religions. This is the work ethic which differentiates India from entire world. Even though in India you have different cast, religions but still Indians have something in common that is the principle of brotherhood among different religions of Indian society. Hence, India is not different in the world but it’s the nation which makes a difference when stand across continents. We are the people who reflect the mirror image of unity as a symbol equality of religions across various human networking in the world.

This is the holy land where Gautama Buddha & his son ashoka propagated teaching of Buddhism to entire world. The parasi businessman Ratan Tata when come to India he said “we will get mixed up with India, as sugar mixes with the milk”. This shows kind of affection & love towards holy land of India. This is the place where lots of Buddhist, Christians, Muslims pilgrimages is allowed to attend holy activities of concerned religions on Indian land. This is the place where Muslim president take oath he is guided by Sikh prime minister, the country is run by a women who belong from catholic origin.
This is the best example where many religions have synchronized, harmonized like a great wall of china which is almost impossible to invade & destruct. the synchronization of various aspects of religions values, moral, ethic, ethnicity,are mingle up together & respect always.this is the place where you have a president from different religions have crowned as a president who is in charged as a highest authority of a country called a supreme commander.

What I love most about India is its rich is what makes us unique. But only if this diversity is given due respect we can really move forward. The colour & chaos of religions in India its diversity in terms of food, cuisine, art, architecture its terrain ranging from snowcapped mountains along with Himalaya to the desert of Rajasthan, the rocks of hampi,the different temple architecture across the country, texture of textiles, its handlooms just too many things make India unique.

Travelling around the country & living out of ones comfort zones in remote areas & develop cities “I feel one way of bringing about an appreciation for how diverse religions living in India. The mission of India is that a nation where every religion is perceived equally in the eyes of the law with no impurity given in the grab of’ religious harmony’ that no differences be melted on how different one looks dresses. The terrorism & extremism involve clash of ideas & battle for hearts & minds & the hollowness of regressive mindset is exposed by unity of India only.

India is not only a country, it’s more like a continent, see the art see the culture, socio-religious fabric of society, so many kinds. Where else will you find the kind of diversity of religions living in harmony we have here?