Nikit Sharma – BMS , Persuing MBA at Thakur Institue of Management Studies & Research , Mumbai

The world is growing at a rapid pace, faster than a jet plane. Infact the jet is only made by the world and the world is made by the people. People are the human beings who live together and make this wonderful place known as ‘WORLD’.

Talking about the evolution of this world, the first thing which comes into my mind is the facts which were told to us in our childhood. It was said that there existed two human beings who started off in this world by staying together, helping each other and finding out ways how to proceed in this world. Many of them told us about the way they started living without having any idea. But then none of the people mentioned the religion which they belonged to but yes the gender was mentioned by the people.

But talking about the current scenario of this place of human beings known as ‘WORLD’ , this is much more different than the world which we were been thought by many different people.

Today the ‘WORLD’ is highly been put into the MUD of the term called as ‘religion’. The fact that people are killing each other just because of the MUD in which they live or just because of the religion they have been forced to follow. They are killing each other just for the sake of religion is the utmost unacceptable thing even for the people who explain or define this religion.

Let it be the case of INDIA and PAKISTAN, IRAN and ISRAEL, AUSTRALIA and NEWZEALAND, also let it be the WHITE and the BLACK people. Today the world is edging towards the unfortunate dispute between the people on the basis of their religion despite of being headed with the evolution of miracle technology.

So here comes the need for the religious harmony to avoid the disputes for religion and let this world be headed with PEACE.

Human beings are different from each other on every factor of physical appearance but not on the basis of religion. Different on their values, the culture, the attitude and many other factors but not on the basis of religion.

Religion was formed just for the empowerment of the values in human beings so that each one of them can stay with peace and can help each other in difficulties. Even the priest and the sage of every religion does not give the idea of getting proud or idea of the other religion being wrong.

Religion was framed according to the conditions in which they live. Yes there exist GOD in this world and but it’s common for all.

Even God must have not thought that people will be different from each other just on the basis of religion. Also if we do it practically by mixing the blood of human beings you cannot come to know about the blood of respective people.

There is a transition from ‘Vasudheva Kutumbkam’ to globalization, which has changed the concept of values in present day education system & in the society. The present world is faced with many urgent problems – such as political, economical, educational, social & cultural problems due to deteriorations of values.

Human values (cultural, moral & spiritual values) are eroding at very fast rate resulting in declining the quality of life of the people. At the dawn of the new millennium, what is required most is ‘Jainism philosophy & Values of Nonviolence & Non-Possession for Self development, business survival & growth.

In the age of globalization, we have to reaffirm faith in Indian ethos. The ethical principles of Jainism prescribe a code of conduct, which requires an individual to be an ideal person with nonviolence as the foundation of his life not only from the Indian context but also universally in this 21st century.

Social change is a universal phenomenon and it occurs in every society. Change is inevitable and it takes place in all fields. The term ‘Social change’ is often used to describe variations in, or, modifications of any respect of social process, social patterns, social interaction or social organization. Great thinkers emerged from various societies induce social change. Lord Mahavira advocated overcoming vices like anger greed etc. and recommended the practice of certain virtues. The ethical principles of Jainism prescribe a code of conduct, which requires an individual to be an ideal person with nonviolence as the foundation of his life. The concept of Aparigraha Non-Possession is the concept for environmental Protection& for social change. First eight verses of Sūtŗkrtāńga describe the concept of Aparigraha and its importance in achieving the ultimate objective in life i.e. liberation.

Syncretistic religious movements are said to be found predominantly among certain rural dwellers in parts of the Third World, especially in Africa. They involve a fusion or blending of religions and feature a number of elements found in more traditional forms of religious association, such as ancestor worship and healing practices. Sometimes ethnic differentiation may form part of syncretism. Religious and social beliefs supply the basic elements for building group solidarity in the face of threats from outside forces, such as the state, big land-owners, transnational enterprises or foreign governments. The paper examines several African, Latin American and Caribbean cases where such threats have given rise to syncretistic religions, including the Napramas of north-eastern Mozambique, the Lakwena and Lenshina movements in Uganda and Zambia, the cult of Olivorismo in the Dominican Republic and Sendero Luminoso in Peru.

So finally to conclude the need of harmony, if this ‘WORLD’ is to be headed towards peace we need to have harmony among people.

Just practicing your own religion is not enough but respecting other peoples religion is equally important to live in harmony.

It will not only help the world but also it will help this wonderful place to get rid of the MUD of religion.

Hope the mud will be removed and the human beings can proudly term this place as ‘THE WORLD OF PEACE AND HARMONY’.