Karthik Sundaresan – BBI (banking and insurance), M.Com (part-1), , Persuing MBA at Thakur Institue of Management Studies & Research , Mumbai

For the world of the 21st century, humanistic values must project the vision of a peaceful world in which no man, woman or child, or class of men, women, or children shall live as servants or slaves existing simply to fulfill the whims and wishes and desires of others, a world in which no man or woman or child shall be used as a tool to satisfy the lusts or greed or ambitions of others, a world in which every human life, the life of every man, woman, and child shall be a wanted, welcomed, and esteemed member of the one human family.

Among the world’s great religion the golden rule”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a belief that is found in nearly every all of them includingBuddhism,Baha’ifaith,Christianity,Confucianism,Hinduism,Humanism,Is lam,Jainism,Judais,Mohism,Sikhism,Shintoism,Taoism,and Wicca.

India is characterized by more ethnic and religious groups than most other countries of the world. Aside from the much noted 2000-odd castes, there are eight “major” religions, 15-odd languages spoken in various dialects in 22 states and nine union territories, and a substantial number of tribes and sects. Three ethnic or religious conflicts have stood out of late: two occurred in the states of “Assam and Punjab; another, the more widely known Hindu-Muslim conflict, continues to persist. The Assam problem is primarily ethnic, the Punjab problem is based on both religious and regional conflicts, while the Hindu-Muslim problem is predominantly religious.

To preserve and honor and reverence the small blue planet “earth” which is our home, all humans must recognize and support an ecological ethic that evolves out of a global family concept. Our view of the earth from space plus research into the interrelationship of ecological factors makes clear that our planet is an independent globe with a single life-support system. There is not one life-support system for Asia and another for the Americas and still another for Africa or Europe–all planet earth life-support systems are the same. There are no national boundaries to our ecosphere. We are one and the earth is our home.

Only fools trash their own homes. Nevertheless, some members of our human family suffer from short-term vision. Their lust for wealth and power expresses little or no concern for human well-being.They trash our home, the earth. In addition, the naive and ill-informed also despoil our environment ethic. Individuals or groups of individual must not be permitted to trash our home, the earth.Those who do must be brought to account before courts of law and punished so that their actions become so unprofitable that they will be abandoned.

We are now at a point in history where the establishment of an international environmental monitoring agency is urgently needed. Appropriate standards for the disposal of industrial waste and for the control of toxic emissions must be developed not only to protect the earth’s precious resources, but also to preserve a healthy environment for future generations.

The 21st century promises to be a time of scientific and technological growth at a level never before experienced in human history. This growth will either trigger chaos, disruption, war, starvation and disease or will introduce a period of humanistic cooperation, development, progress, and peace. What emerges will depend upon which values are embraced, taught, encouraged, and legislated. The value choices, which must be deliberately chosen and not left to chance, must be secular, global, and familial. The accepted values must be embraced, taught, encouraged, and supported internationally, nationally, locally, and personally. What is proposed here represents some of the value choices, the ethical building blocks, that will enable a world of peace and harmony to come into existence–a world in which human diversity is respected and tolerated and, at the same time, a world in which each individual will be enabled and encouraged to maximize his or her potential, without discrimination and in an atmosphere of freedom. What is required to bring about this idealized world is a democratic, pluralistic society which recognizes the human rights of each individual and in which no man or woman or class of men or women shall be demeaned and treated as mere slaves existing only to fulfill the desires of those who would be their masters; a world in which no man or woman or class of men or women shall be used as tools for the lusts of others, or for the ambitions of others, or for the greed of others, a world in which the life of every man and woman and child shall be recognized and esteemed as a unique and ultimate statement of the evolutionary process and therefore of inestimable value. To achieve and make real this concept of a world of peace for the 21st century the following humanistic values provide the basic essentials.As Oprah Winfrey said “Education begins a gentleman, actions complete him.
” A citizen is a person who is a national of his country. Citizenship means “to work for the nation’s prosperity.

 It is said: “It doesn’t matter how small one is, one can still make a difference”.

That means we should not see that how small a person is but that his contribution can change the standard of education, health facilities and other aspects of society for a better future.Every citizen has duties and responsibilities which they have to fulfill in a suitable manner.

Education is very important in making a responsible citizen. Education is helpful in many ways. An educated person knows about his responsibilities and rights well. A responsible citizen is one who helps his fellow citizens in every part of life and also protects the rights of his fellows. He doesn’t think like a common man and should be ready to protect his state when needed. As we discussed above he doesn’t think of anyone as inferior or himself superior and obeys the laws implemented by the government.

Every developing country develops laws of education. Education can help a common man to become a responsible man but how? When a child is going through adolescence, he needs to be nurtured well because his attitude in life would be based upon how well he is nurtured. In school, Women Studies should be taught with other subjects.The government should construct more educational institutions and should also hire trained teachers.

But as an individual, what can one do? The answer is simple. All one has to do is love. Love is the solution to all of the social problems in our society. Adequate love will eliminate evil, crime, violence, mental suffering, the suffering of innocent children, dysfunctional families, the break-up of families, restlessness, discontent, unhappiness–all that is ugly, deplorable, and destructive.But before one can love others, one must learn to love himself. One cannot love himself until he frees himself from fear and false beliefs. One is not free until he discovers that is truth that sets us free from those fears and false beliefs.

And it is that truth that has the power to render our families loving, happy, harmonious, functional and stable. Truth has the power to obliterate all social problems… crime, violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, drug abuse, etc.Religions don’t cause problems. I have yet to find a religion that preaches that it’s right to kill, that it’s right to rape, that it’s right to steal.

It’s not religion, it’s man’s insatiable desire for power, money, and wealth, and the lengths that he’d be willing to go, the depths that he’d be willing to stoop to, to attain it. Did Religion start the Iraq war, no that was our government lying to us under false pretensions. Did religion cause our economy to go to hell? No that was government regulations/outrageous spending. So has Religion caused most of the world’s problems? No, but it has in fact tried their best to guide people in the right direction. Like helping the poor, helping the less fortunate, supporting family values and many more things.Modern civilization has achieved awesome advancements in technology, science and knowledge. Ironically, humanity is experiencing a rapid moral decline, and is ignorant of the answers that would solve this world’s multiplying evils.

With thousands of religious figures proclaiming that their brand of religion should be followed, which message is correct? Rank religious confusion is everywhere! Could this be part of God’s plan?

God says through His Word, the Bible, that He “is NOT the author of confusion, but of peace” As a matter of fact, God teaches that where there is confusion, evil is involved: “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work” .This can apply to any family, team, business, government or religious organization.

Religions have sparked military and persecution campaigns that have brought terror, misery, destruction, poverty, torture, forced confessions, compulsory conversions and countless deaths.

On the surface, it appears the religions of men have been the catalyst for many of the world’s troubles. Why? Is religion the problem—or is it the solution?