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Religion is a great force – the only real motive force in the world’. There is a common misconception that religion means ritualistic religion and nothing else. The word religion actually means laws, both natural and moral, that ensure right living .Religion stands for an integral development of the personality, a comprehensive view of life.

Today we all are at the verge of atomic destruction and when every body is busy in the mad rat race of materialistic pursuit, religious harmony will be a relief .We should make an effort to peep into the prominent religions of the world and find out a secular message for the man kind .Our aim should be to enlighten and educate the masses about all the religions, so that the message of universal brotherhood is spread throughout the world.

Incarnations, Saints, Prophets and Sages have appeared in different parts of the world from time to time in order to teach men how to live in harmony. These great souls, on the basis of personal experience explained the essential ideals and values in life and taught how they can be achieved.

In addition to their moral and spiritual teachings, almost all the religious teachers and reformers of the world gave out a plan and a system of their own on which human society would best be organized .It was thus that every faith helped to establish customs and conventions, with rites and rituals, amongst the communities of mankind and gave birth to a particular type of civilization and culture which naturally differed from others. This is how different religions came into existence.

Now in the twenty first century the quality of research on both the inner and physical world has reached quite high levels, thanks to the tremendous stride in technological advancement and human intelligence. However, as some of the eminent speakers say, the world is also facing a lot of new problems, most of which are man-made. The root cause of these manmade problems is the inability of human beings to control their agitated minds. How to control such a state of mind is taught by the various religions of this world. The fact that different religions of the world have provided many solutions about how to control an agitate

No one living in the 21st century will feign ignorance of the diversity of the human race. The Telecommunication Industry has made the world a global village and open vistas never dreamt off by generations gone by. Beyond the diversity of the human race also lie the conflicts ranging in many regions especially as a result of religion. It will be foolhardy to pretend that religion has not been a source of major conflicts in centuries past, however religious intolerance has raised it’s ugly head in the early part of the 21st century. Ever since the event of September 11, 2001 a new chapter opened in the religious turf.

The reality of the human rights situation in the world today is a picture of stark contrast, on the one hand, undeniable progress on the other, the painful reality of widespread violations. Over the last few years amazing changes have taken place in many parts of the world

We must be quick to add that the said changes that have taken place n the world have not affected human relations. Difference is perceived as inferiority and inequality, and an avenue to perpetuate actions detrimental to human race and relations.

The theory of Race Relations have always pointed out that there is no scientific proof and backing on some of the assumptions peddled by the dominant group.

The society and the state is made up of individual, it is the individual who gives effect to laws and policies. Every individuals mirror his society. In tackling religious intolerance, a concerted effort must be geared towards individual enlightenment on the imperative of religious harmony.

Violations of human rights often start with individual before it becomes a collective phenomenon. When individuals accept the norms of both democratic and human rights principles and strive to live it, then the state and human rights agencies will have less work to do.

It is trite at this juncture to stress a social disease which has exacerbates religious crisis in recent times i.e. Racism. Racism is the theory or idea that there is a causal link between inherited physical traits and certain traits of personality, intellect or culture and combined with it, the nation that some races are inherently superior to others, While, it is accepted that in nearly all the worlds societies, men have apparently developed pride in the cultural accomplishment of their own groups and a corresponding derogation of those of their neighbors’.

However, the idea that certain groups of people are superior to others because of their genetic makeup does not appear to have been widespread.

The menace of Racism and Religious fundamentalism is a backlash of colonial expansion and slavery. While, many states have gained independence, and are not longer subjects of other nations, what starves us now is reaction to perceived earlier grievance, which has now metamorphose to terrorism.

Solving the scourge of racism, religious fundamental and terrorism is the work of all. The whole world must unite in condemning acts inimical to human rights, but we also must be part of the healing process. no one thinks, this fight will be easy, but it our belief that Religious Harmony can be achieved in the 21st century and beyond.

Religion occupies a special place in the life of man, so also human rights has become as accepted way of living. Our problem has been balancing religious freedom with human rights principles.

Today scenario of 21st century shows light on to terms mainly that is ‘money’ & ‘material’. There is no doubt that human beings are running behind money to achieve the material comfort in one’s life but how are they achieving it by stamping on each other’s morals and values of religion. Religion does not say that one has to follow in which they belong but create a harmony among each other and live with peace.

With growing world people should be alert leave their materialistic priorities and think about the world which can be a place of harmony. Building and maintaining religious harmony as well as presenting enlightened examples of leadership are part of the requirements needed to settle conflict,” as quoted by Antara news agency.

To explain the need for harmony a very well set example that is Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama, on Sunday said India, where different religious traditions “live harmoniously”, is a model to other parts of world, and should continue to keep this tradition.”India is a model. Different religious traditions live peacefully and harmoniously.

Describing India as ‘Arya Bhumi’, the Nobel Laureate said “we consider this country spiritually very, very important.”In the last 2000-3000 years, different religious traditions, including Buddhism, Jainism, flourished here.” “India has great heritage. There is harmony among different religious traditions. India is a land where people of different religious faiths can live peacefully and harmoniously here. India’s tradition is very relevant in today’s world,” he said. For thousands of years, India carried the message of ‘Ahimsa’ which was relevant even today, he said, adding, “We should ourselves create inner peace by practicing love and compassion in daily life.”

In the 21st century, people everywhere talk about money and material value. That is also important. Material wealth provides physical comfort. Mental comfort is possible only by faith, he said. “A disturbed mind is very bad for health, while a healthy mind and health body go together. Material wealth alone will not bring happiness,” the spiritual leader said. Former President A P J Abdul Kalam said there is need for a combination of economic prosperity and spiritual way of life.

All that can change and bring harmony in this 21st century can be the youths of today it is because the right to voice and change the world can be seen among them. When we talk about changing the world the facts such as rascisim inequality upper & lower and many such that are hurdles to religious harmony will be discarded and the search of religious harmony will meet its way in an optimistic way.