ESHA SINGH-  Graduate in BIOTECHNOLOGY , Perusing MBA at Thakur Institute of Management Studies & Research , Mumbai

Talking about religious harmony,the first name that comes into my mind is “the great DALAI LAMA” .The man whose ideology is completely different from that of this fast changing world. According to him “ all major religious traditions basically carry the same message that is LOVE ,COMPASSION AND FORGIVENESS,the most important thing is they should be the part of our daily lives.” All that man thinks is love compassion and forgiveness. In todays world it is difficult for any man to be so calm and have this high level purity in their hearts.

What is harmony ? it is nothing but togetherness. Man is a social animal , it has a tendency to to be with other humans but there are many other factors which along with feeling of togetherness fills a man thoughts with various melanin. This avoids a man from spreading the love ,happiness which he must .dalai lama once said “ happiness is nothing readymade,but it is your own action”. It is in human hands to spread love and happiness with each and everyone around them. There are various kinds of humans in this world ,one who may what come I will tolerate smile and spread love.and the other are those who are angry jealous.there is sumthng culture got to do with their this attitude. The kind of upbringing. It is very well certain that the first kind has been taught that all humans are the same. There are various factors which differentiate the human race ,one of which is religion. “Religion “ todays one of the most confusing misleading words. Each tradition flows from its source in the founder’s own experience of communion with ultimate mystery. This experience wells up again and again in the hearts of all followers throughout the generations .People who forget their culture their values often find their own human race as their enemy . this feeling or thinking rises a feeling of hatred ,destruction in their minds to such a large extent that they actually move on to destroy oder human race in the name of religion. Today the world is growing to large extent,everything is interconnected to each other ,every nation is dependent on each other. Dalai lama says “ if you have faith in one one religion its good ,but you can live without it” . there should be no such thing in this world that causes you to compromise on your or some one elses happiness. Afterall at the end of our lives how much we were happy matters.people don’t remember you ,they remember what you did for them,they don’t remember your moment ,they remember that moment when you made them smile.this doesn’t mean selfishness,but means happiness is all everyone needs. We humans experience spiritual reality under three aspects: as the unfathomable mystery that surrounds and transcends our life, as our own innermost being, and as the life breath and love energy that flows through the universe and holds all things in harmony.

Talking about the current trends in the side there is unity among nations ,growing business,closing of nuclear plants based on trust,but there are also some nations who in the name of religion cause destruction of other nations .the world is so interconnected,harm to one nation causes to harm to many many other nations. It hampers the overall growth of all the nations ,the world. the world had witnessed a lot of conflicts, in which followers of different religions were also involved. The youth must be the change ,they must understand there are many things which can differentiate you from others , you can win before everyone but it should be your talent that makes you win,it should be your core competencies,your ideas ,not your caste ,your religion or race. Those boundaries are made just for differentiation of people ,it should not become a source of differentiating in thinking of the people . the world must change. They will have to understand ,things are now global,their negative actions causes harm not to just that country which they want to harm ,but also the rest of the countries connected to it. The world should not be ignorant “ When ignorance is our master ,there is no possibility of real peace” . peace is the need of the day, for everything to run smoothly,for everything to be in love with each other. The Christian is not to become a Hindu or a Buddhist, nor a Hindu or a Buddhist to become a Christian. But each must assimilate the spirit of the others and yet preserve the individuality and grow according to his own law of growth

Religious harmony ,self satisfaction and world peace are all interrelated. Dalai lama says my religion is very simple ,my religion is kindness”. he also says “ if you cannot help others ,atleast do not harm them”. When you help others ,when you collaborate with each other ,when two countries come together they not only are self satisfied but they also help others grow. Religion and gratitude are interrelated. The very core of every religious tradition is gratefulness.

Now the todays world must understand that everything in this world is correlated,hence all the different religions of all the countries must come together ,understand that they are the only one which can come together and sort out all the problems in the world .there should me no such barrier of religion because all the religion should now be one . people and their nations must move beyond and move their hands towards each other. Start with making peace within yourselves to bring peace in the outer world. It will be our endeavour as the citizens of this world to preserve the rich tradition of Social Harmony among diverse religious and ethnic groups and pass it over to the future generations. learn and explain grow and let grow ,live and let live.