BHAVYA GUPTA –  B.A (SOCIOLOGY), Persuing MBA at Thakur Institue of Management Studies & Research , Mumbai

As quoted by Swami Vivekananda “All narrow, limited, fighting ideas of religion have to go. All sect ideas and tribal or national ideas of religion must be given up. That each tribe or nation should have its own particular God, and think that every other is wrong, is a superstition that should belong to the past. All such ideas must be abandoned”. We are now in the twenty first century. The quality of research on both the inner and physical world has reached quite high levels, thanks to the tremendous stride in technological advancement and human intelligence. The world is also facing a lot of new problems, most of which are man-made. The root cause of these man-made problems is the inability of human beings to control their agitated minds. How to control such a state of mind is taught by the various religions of this world Religion must be studied on a broader basis than formerly

Emile Durkheim in his work „Elementary Form Of Religious Life. 1971 has stated religion as worship of clan . It was a tribe in Arunta which started the concept of Religion by worshipping „totems.. It was a way of worshipping the human clan through bonding people together by the common fact of totems. Since the clan is intangible, something that they cannot worship, they invent a concrete object like totem to direct feelings of awe and reverence towards the group. Today Religion has become a institution in itself which guides and controls the individual and monitors his/her daily lives. . To control a state of mind is taught by the various religions of this world. Religion is the collective representation of society. Religion today is not just about gods and goddess; it.s about how religion guides our daily mundane activity in form of our eating habits, dressing et la. Religion is collective human activities which is manifests through religion. Religion is a reflection of man relation with society of man.s absolute dependence on society.

Religion brings peace in life when practiced without any intention of hurting another person. Today we see religion somewhere is constructing constrains and bounding people within limits. Religions have their rule books and the only motive of every religion is to bring people together and close and bring harmony in their lives. Every seer is seen propagating harmony through religion. But somewhere people today have became ethnocentric leading to riots

and killings of innocent people in the name of religion. Political Parties are using religion as a tool to get their work done and to get votes. The sensitization has just gone from people. The Babri Masjid incident of 1992, Godhra Riots of Gujarat 2002 are two major riots of India created on lines of Religion which shows that harmony between religions need to be developed today. Where in the name of religion thousands of women and innocent kids were killed and raped brutally. Many men lost their life only to guard their religion and to prove that our religion is superior. There is growing need of religious harmony today as religion has gone to the hands of people who are using it in destructive manner. World can only survive when religions are at peace with each other.

When every religion can be equally prorogated, practiced and preached harmony can be achieved. Religious harmony is important as it.s the infrastructural institution of the society and the superstructure can survive only when the infrastructure is strong. Religious Harmony can be achieved when state and religion are separated when individual and religion are separated (freedom of religion). State plays a major role in controlling and formulating religious groups. The government can use religion as the tool to get the work done in their interest. Separation involves the rejection of churches as the decision maker.

Today UK is among one of the countries which is in peace in matters of religion as it has been able to overthrow illiberal ideas of the church. In India when INC came into existence in 1855, it followed the Victorian philosophy was religious free but then was influenced by Hindu extremist but Gandhi ji supported the idea of secular state and did not leave space for any religious interference.

Also Individual should be empowered with the freedom to religion so that he/she can follow can religion they want and harmony can prevail. When harmony exists at an individual level it can only than conquer the world and we can live in religious friendly and harmonious world in this fast moving competitive individualistic world. In India Article 25 under the Constitution of India gives the right to freedom of religion to an individual. He/she can freely propagate, choose and practice any religion they want. They can also change the religion and the religious belief anytime in their lives for any number of times they want.

Religious harmony can be attained when one is in peace with their religious beliefs, ideas and practices. In 21st century where everybody is so busy in their

lives, the idea of sacredness has withered away from religion today. Today religions fight with each other to prove their superiority, lives are taken on the name of religion and terrorism has increased on the name of religion. In such a fast pace world religious harmony is the growing need as religion guard the human behavior and when sacredness and fear from religion is withering away it can only prove fatal. Harmony will just bring people together. In this global village we will also have a global religion one day if we all take away the biases and notions that we carry and accept all religions with open arms and allow every religion to breathe on its own and survive. „

There is only one religion, but there are versions of it. -George Bernard Shaw