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Religions Of The World

Religion plays a very crucial and central role in everyone’s life. Religion guides us to the path of honesty, integrity, high morals and inspires us to live a righteous life. Many people around the world are driven by their religion to keep themselves away from bad deeds and do good things.

Today many religions like Buddhism , Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Sikhism, zoroastrianism and many other religions, faiths and believes are being followed by millions of people around the world. At various point in time, many prophets, saints and religious leaders like Gautam Budhha , Jesus Christ, Shri Ram , Shri Krishna, Hazrat Mohhamad, Mahavir Swami, Abraham, Moses, Guru Nanak Dev, Zarathruth and many others have come on this world to teach us the true meaning of religion and guided us to live a noble life. Various holy books like Pitakas, Bible, Gita, Ramayana, Vedas, Upnisads, Quran, Kalpa Sutra, torah, GuruGranth Sahib, Avesta and many other religious texts inspire us to keep away from evil and live a path of good deeds.

But a closer look at the history of the world teaches us that the religion has been misused by many people for their own vested interest. These people divide the society in name of religion, caste and creed for their own vested interest. Religious intolerance in the society has created many problems– millions of people have been killed in riots; many people are discriminated every day because of their religion; many nations have been divided on the religious lines and created discord in the world.

Religious harmony holds the key to a peaceful and progressive world. Religious harmony is the need of the hour because we are the children of the same God. The holy books of various religions are filled with divine knowledge; if we are religiously tolerant and study these holy books and practise in our daily life then our world can be a lot better. Our world is a diverse one where people of different religion are spread across many nations – a religious group many be in majority in some areas and minority in other area. Religious harmony is important to ensure the safety of people in the diverse society.

Lets work together to create religious harmony in our world by knowing and practising our own religion ; respecting other religions ; integrating closely with the people of different faith and believes , not interfering in the religious matter of other people and opposing any attempt to misuse the religion and create disharmony in our society.

Religious Harmony holds center stage for the peace and prosperity in our multi-religious and multi-cultural world. Let’s pledge to love and respect everyone in the world irrespective of one’s religion, cast, creed, sect, colour, ethnicity, language, gender, nationality and any other difference. Let’s pledge to work towards bringing Religious Harmony and co-creating a peaceful and prosperous world.

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